Our mission is to foster allyship and raise food allergy awareness among teachers, parents, and children through storytelling, webinars, curriculum, and more.

Young black women with braids stands smiling under a tree. She's wearing a white blouse.KiAnna Nycole always wished to find characters in books and on screen who shared her experience of living with food allergies. But the absence of such representation made her feel like the only kid dealing with these challenges. With a deep commitment to accurate portrayal and inclusivity, KiAnna is dedicated to bringing diversity to the forefront in film and television. 

Having earned her Bachelor’s degree in Motion Pictures production, KiAnna is particularly focused on creating more opportunities for individuals with disabilities and minorities in the entertainment industry. She believes storytelling is a way to catalyze change, educate others, and build empathy ­– and she aims for Food Friendly to do just that. 

Why Food Friendly?

When the world shut down and everyone was stuck in the house with their thoughts, KiAnna decided to apply the infamous advice of “write what you know” to the page. She wrote about her vivid memory growing up with severe food allergies and being excluded from eating lunch with her classmates, and essentially, hating her food allergy.

One thing led to another and what was one an 8 page script that she wrote to pass the time during quarantine, has become a project so much bigger than herself. Food Friendly’s mission is to educate elementary age children and their parents about disability awareness, inclusion and acceptance and she has partnered with AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities) and FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education Organization) to make it happen.

Kiersten at the school bus, dad holding an epipen waving goodbye

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